An update. Sorry guys!

Just wanted to post an update because I’ve been away from subbing for a little while now. I’ve been very busy with real life commitments and had a drive fail on me. Turns out I didn’t back-up everything :/

I do intend to carry on with Kakegurui soon but just need a bit more time to set up everything again.. And do proper backups this time! Thank you for your patience and as always, feel free to request shows in the comments.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet [1080p H.264 FLAC]

Princess Char holding a razor menacingly
God I wish that were me

My first proper remux!

This anime was an absolute joy to work on. Such a beautiful and charming story and some really interesting characters. What wasn’t fun, was having to sort out the subtitles. I spent the best part of two days restyling and retiming them for your viewing pleasure!

P.S. Princess Char is best girl

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